Susan Spence

Certified EFT Weight Loss Coach

Work With Me

EFT Truly is Life Changing and I Am Excited to Help You Experience the Magic.


If you’re still unsure if tapping is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

Are you ready to stop dieting and finally get to the bottom of your weight issues?

Are you ready to end your obsession with food?

Are you ready for a better relationship with yourself?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to EFT (or tapping). The process is easy to learn and during sessions you just follow my lead.

I do private online coaching and have different options. Fill out the application below and send it to me. It will be reviewed by my assistant and then we can schedule a telephone interview.

On the call, I will discuss my rates and we can make a plan for you.

I only have a few openings at a time. If my schedule is currently full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

When I have an opening, you will be contacted by email and you can choose a package. Then we will set up a video meeting and get tapping.

Imagine the life you want, the one you fantasize about.

The one where you are at your ideal weight and achieving your dreams.

By entering your name and email on the application below, you will have set the process in motion to achieve that life.

"When I started working with Susan, I had already made a lot of changes in my life as far as diet and exercise, but I was still finding my self eating emotionally on a fairly regular basis. So, Susan started coaching me. She was very compassionate, very understanding. I knew she understood where I was coming from and that made me really connect with her and open myself up to her so we could really work through these issues. It was so transformational to do that. She could also be tough when she needed to when I was having a hard time digging into those really yucky areas, but, again, she was just so compassionate and loving through the whole process and I am so grateful that I had her to work with. After working with Susan and being able to clear out a lot of those underlying issues that were causing me to eat emotionally, I feel so much more free now. I can go out to eat at a restaurant and not have to worry about ordering off the menu or eating everything on my plate. I’m just so thankful for Susan and everything she’s done for me."
Kasey P.


Live Free–Inspired by Huka


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