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EFT For Weight Loss

Before I discovered how powerful EFT is, I sometimes listened to others with successful weight loss stories. They’d say, “If X Program worked for me, it’ll work for anybody.”

I’d always think to myself, “Yeah, right, I’ve tried everything and I never lose weight.” Then,

I finally found a weight loss technique that truly WILL work for anybody, myself included.


Does This Describe You?

–Have you spent way too much of your life desperately trying to lose weight, but instead, not only do you remain overweight, you gain even more weight?

–Are you tired of receiving diet tips from well-meaning people who are unaware of the extent of your struggles with food?

–Do you feel ashamed with the looks of disgust from people when they see you because you’re not some ideal body weight?

–How do you feel about being judged by people before they even get to know you?

–Are you tired of criticism from family members when what you really need is a friend?

Using EFT for Weight Loss WILL help you lose weight. It will also change your relationship, not only with others, but more importantly, with yourself.


Can You Answer YES to These Questions?

–Have you determinedly started a diet, only to fail after a short time because food cravings got the best of you?

 –Do you feel guilty and angry at yourself when you fail to lose weight?

–Do you wish you were a person who could take or leave the foods that you crave?

–Are there foods you can’t keep in the house because they’ll call to you until you give in and devour every last bite?

–Does your relationship with food include obsessing about eating even when you’re not physically hungry?

–Do you believe that if you could just stick to a diet and lose weight your life would be fixed?

EFT For Weight Loss Eliminates Food Cravings Once and For All.

If you found this website, it’s probably because you are desperate to find something that ends the insane relationship you have with food. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is also known as tapping, and the two terms are used interchangeably.

EFT for weight loss is a solution that doesn’t require a strict diet that keeps you fighting hunger pangs, feelings of deprivation and cravings day after day. These cravings actually have nothing to do with food.

They are linked to sub-conscious, weight loss blockers. (Click here to receive my free article, 7 weight Loss Blockers.) You may not even be aware that they exist.

By tapping on certain acupressure points you can release traumas that you experienced and were unable to process at the time they happened. Lots of times these experiences occurred in childhood when you had no way to deal with them. You may not even remember them, but they can control your life.

When you feel you have no control over your food intake, it’s these patterns or blocks that are in control. By becoming aware of them through tapping, you can release them and finally have a healthy relationship with food and with yourself.

You will lose weight because you will no longer feel the urge to overeat. You can regain your ability to eat only when you’re truly hungry and to stop when you’ve had enough. You will stop fighting cravings and begin eating like a thin person.

Using EFT For Weight Loss has helped me and thousands of other people change their relationship with food and lose weight in the process.


It can take dedication to get to the bottom of your difficulties with your weight. But I can tell you that it’s worth it.

I really want to help you change your relationship with food so you can finally release the excess weight that is holding you back.

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“Since I’ve been working with Susan, I have stopped overeating. She helped me to understand why I was overeating and the methods she uses is not a diet, it’s not a discipline. It’s working on the patterns or cause of overeating and she has these techniques with tapping that really helped me. And it helped me to stop my obsession with food. It’s lovely to work with Susan. She is sensitive. She is very correct in her approach. She has a lot of knowledge and I’m just totally happy that it worked. I was struggling with this for thirty years and I lost a lot of kilos and it’s wonderful and I’m really grateful and I thank her for that. Thank you, Susan. It was lovely to work with you.”
Suvana R.
"I have enjoyed my sessions working with Susan. She is full of encouragement and compassion for those struggling with emotional eating, and gives helpful examples of how to overcome things from her own experience. Susan has especially helped me realize on a visceral level that food is just food, and that it cannot help me emotionally. Together, we tapped away my attachment to some of my favorite foods. Overall I am eating less, having less binges, and have a healthier relationship with food after working with Susan. Thank you Susan!!"
Mital K.


Live Free–Inspired By Huka

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