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Certified EFT Weight Loss Coach

My Story

My name is Susan Spence and after spending most of my life struggling with my own weight issues, I finally found a way to not only lose weight, but to also end my obsession with food.


The incredible thing with this method is that there is no dieting or exercising involved and the results are permanent.


Let me tell you my story.

I’ve been overweight ever since I was a child and my obsession with my weight started when I was a teenager. When I was in high school, through my twenties and into my thirties, I weighed myself every morning.

My day went according to what the scale read.

If I had lost weight, it was a good start, but if I had either not lost weight, or had gained a pound since the day before, it was the start of a bad day. And that was most days.

I let a number rule my life for years.

One time I actually stomped a scale to death because of my frustration in my inability to lose weight. I finally stopped weighing myself because it was such a painful way to start each day.

I always wanted to be thin, but my body had other ideas, so I lugged around extra weight, feeling powerless to let it go. Unable to stop myself, I would binge on junk food and gain even more weight. Whenever I tried to diet, it made matters worse.

I could never figure out why trying to eat less caused me to instead, go overboard with food.

I felt like I had no control over any part of my life, and I didn’t. I had a love/hate relationship with food. At times it felt as if it was my only friend, but I hated the addiction. It was as if I was possessed because I could never get myself to stop overeating.

The rest of my life was also a mess. I was just unable to get my life to work for me. I struggled with school and worked job after job, unable to find either success or passion no matter what I tried.

I felt horrible about myself and the message I received from my family and others was that I was lazy and undisciplined, plus stupid and unworthy.

I thought I was unlovable. 

I also loathed and detested myself and firmly believed that the root of all my problems was my weight.

If I could just lose this extra fat… Sometimes it seemed that was the only thought I was capable of having. And I punished myself for being overweight. I spent a lot of time either floundering with low blood sugar because I had not allowed myself food, or stuffed and in pain after a binge. Either way, it was hard to move. But I pushed myself physically as hard as I could until I became so exhausted, I ended up laying around and sleeping until I recovered. This of course proved that I WAS lazy and undisciplined.

I was also depressed and filled with guilt.

My entire life was a struggle and I had no one to turn to. I felt unworthy of receiving help anyway, so I just toughed it out the best I could, hiding my desperation and feeling very alone. Inside I was in great agony and I could never figure out why.

I read about so many diets and programs and tried many of them. But they never worked. I would force myself to not eat until the cravings for unhealthy food overcame me.

My obsession with food controlled my life.

I learned about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) by reading yet another self-help book about another diet that would save me. I never got into the diet, but I tried tapping on myself for the first time and it planted a seed.

That was over ten years ago. Every year or two, I would try again, mainly following you tube videos, but it didn’t seem to change much in my life.

Things were changing though. I lost a little bit of weight and kept it off. By then I had found videos by the woman who became my mentor. When I tried her techniques, they worked.

But I could never get lasting results, so discouraged, I’d stop tapping. Then, a while later, I’d give it another try.

What is tapping?

Tapping refers to tapping on specific acupressure points on the body while speaking specific phrases to release traumas and emotions that block us from losing weight. It may sound strange, but it works.

Not long ago, I thought I had my over-eating stopped. I was eating less and healthier food and I started exercising. I thought finally, finally, after all these years, I was going to lose the excess weight and have a happy life.

But after a couple of months, my binge eating came back with a vengeance. I felt helpless as I gained weight back from pigging out on junk food. I became desperate again.

Then I got an email about a tapping for weight loss class starting up.

I didn’t have the money, so I borrowed it, registered for the class and finally started working with someone who knows how powerful tapping is.

I threw myself into the class and was finally able to get to the cause of my weight problems.

I learned that not having a coach was the missing factor.

Working with someone more skilled in EFT who could see how I was blocking my own weight loss helped me turn my life around.

My lifelong obsession with food is now gone. I went from my first thought when I woke up in the morning being about what I was or wasn’t going to eat that day, to only thinking about food when I’m hungry. I enjoy my meal and don’t think about food until I’m hungry again. I discovered how to listen to my body and how to eat from true hunger.

I finally have a healthy relationship with food.

And I finally have a healthy relationship with myself.

That’s the best part. I am at peace with my body and can allow food to nourish me instead of treating it like it’s the enemy. As I continue to release excess weight, I am realizing more and more how my overeating had little to do with food. My subconscious mind was running my life and holding me hostage and I was using food to cope. Using the tapping techniques from the course, I changed these self-sabotaging beliefs.

My life is only getting better.

To finally have something work is truly a dream come true.

Why did this program work when others didn’t?

For years I read about other people’s transformations and wondered why I couldn’t find a weight loss program that worked for me.

The reason is 2 parts:

1. This EFT tapping class was specific for my exact problem. It targeted women who struggle with emotional and binge eating, as well as women struggling with their weight.

2. I already mentioned how important having a coach was to me, but I’ll say it again. Having a private coach to help me see what I couldn’t made all the difference.

Those two things turned everything around for me.

During the course I realized that tapping with others appealed to me. I made a decision that what I want to do is to help women who are struggling with the same problems I dealt with for years. I have finally found something I am passionate about.

So, I got certified as a tapping coach.

I completed an in-depth class that took almost a year to complete. I now work with women all over the world, helping them heal their food and weight issues without dieting and deprivation.

And the magic of tapping is that it works with other addictions, phobias and traumas, you name it.

I invite you right now to work with me. Once you fill out the application, it will be reviewed and my assistant will contact you. We will arrange a phone call and then you will be put on the waiting list and contacted when there is an opening.

Click HERE to apply to work with me.

I would love to tap with you. Fill out the application on that page and send it in, and you will have taken the important first step in changing your life.

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"Before I worked with Susan, I was eating one to two vanilla and chocolate ice cream bars every day. I would make special trips to the store to stock up to make sure that I didn’t run out of them. Susan lead me through a wonderful, gentle process that lead to me discover why it was I craved them so much, what emotions were tied up with them, and how to rewire the connection. That was about six months ago, and now that I think about it, I cannot remember the last time I had one. I just don’t miss them anymore. Thank you, Susan!"
Mary H.
"When someone recommended tapping to me, I thought it was a bit ‘airy fairy’ and didn’t think it would do anything to help my anxiety; but I was pleasantly surprised. Ten minutes into my first tapping session, I began feeling very anxious and emotional but as I tapped through the pain, I began feeling a calm inside of me instead of the debilitating anxiety I was used to when remembering painful events from the past. Susan even showed me how to tap using only my fingers so I could eventually stop my perpetual nail picking- this is a tool I use daily. I would highly recommend Susan and tapping to anyone!"
Lauren K.


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